Frequently Asked Questions

No Upfront Cost or Monthly Fees

(no downside risk for the client)

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  • We have developed an excellent relationship with our clients by earning their trust and respect to act on their best behalf.
  • Recommend - that you read the Client Testimonials to evaluate their “report card.” You will find A+ rating from our clients which has been most rewarding.
  • We continually work hard and efficiently to exceed our client’s expectations.
  • Paperwork is at a minimum. Our process simplifies the task for you at all stages throughout our program. We make sure that you have a pleasant experience with us considering your financial situation.
  • Any negotiation done with the companies and groups identified will be done by us for several reasons:
    • We want to make sure there is a consistency of discussions which provides us negotiation leverage.
    • This keeps you out of the middle so you will not have to worry about what to say or what not to say.
  • Once we notify the companies or groups that we are representing you, we will then begin the negotiation process.
  • In addition, all phone calls from these companies or groups will come to our attention - not yours.
  • We will never negotiate on any of our services until we discuss and gain agreement from you.
  • Communication with our clients is done at least monthly. Depending on your preferred method, we can contact you by email, phone, text, fax or all of the above.
  • In addition, we are available 24/7 for any questions that you may have on any subject.
  • Your identity and contact information will remain confidential throughout the process. We never divulge your personal information unless it is directly related and you are made aware of it.
  • A brief initial overview discussion about your current financial burden will provide us enough insight to determine the best approach to your situation. Our goal is to provide you positive results that will help you minimize any financial stress you may be experiencing.