50 million adults are faced with Overwhelming Money Concerns and are... Uncertain What To Do


We have resolved and support a variety of different client challenges

  • 1

    Fixed Income – “difficulty making ends meet”

  • 2

    Job/Income loss – “difficulty making ends meet”

  • 3-xxl

     Deleting Retirement fund  – “need extra income”

  • 4

    Could lose my business – “lacking cash”

  • 5-xl

    Expensive credit cards – “too much”

  • 6-xl

    Expensive medical debt – “too costly”

  • 7-xl

    Divorce/mediation – “spousal debt – to expensive”

  • 8-xl

    Securing a loan – “qualifying difficulty”

  • 9-xl

    Cash from Home Equity – “qualification”

  • 10

    Forced to move – “due to monthly affordability”

  • 11

    Judgments/Liens– “blocking our finances”

  • 12

    Bankruptcy – “seeking options”

We have a 12-Year history successfully ELIMINATING DEBT CHALLENGES – located throughout multiple US states

Client Value

  • 1

    Provides – Additional monthly $$$ income

  • 2

    Improves – Client' Credit Standing

  • 3-xxl

    Our Guarantee – No Financial Risk
                                No Cost/Fees/Escrow

  • 4

    Restores - Client’ Piece of Mind

  • 5-xl

    Look no further - WE DO IT ALL

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Our Guarantee No Upfront Cost or Monthly Fees

  • We will save you thousands of $$$ dollars
  • We will increase your Monthly Income
  • While improving your Credit Status
  • You will not spend 1-penny until we get the desired results; therefore,
  • No Financial Downside to our clients

Let us Help You Overcome Your Financial Pressures

most likely due to these life changing events

  • Loss of job/income
  • Expensive credit card debt
  • Unexpected medical/dental expenses
  • Divorce/separation
  • Home loss/relocation
  • Depleted cash reserves
  • Student loans/education
  • Growing older/fixed income
  • Increased living expenses
  • Loss of loved one
  • Judgments/Liens
  • Bankruptcy Considerations

“John, I want to thank you and Platinum Resources for providing me excellent service throughout our relationship. Not only did you save me a tremendous amount of money, you helped me save my home and my business. Your proactive approach in taking care of my debt issues, as well as providing excellent counsel on so many other financial issues gave me a sense of relief and peace of mind. Thank you John and I will always be eternally grateful for your support and wish you and your Company the best, Geri”